Saturday, March 5, 2016

Xbox One and Windows 10

Now, one of the greatest things having multiple devices interfacing with each other is how Xbox One can connect to the TV and send On-Off command via HDMI cable. Add to that, connecting the Xbox to a set-top box, also via HDMI, will also do the same. So, how this could be an awesome thing? Will have you tried walking into the room, saying "Xbox On" and just admire how your TV turn on directly to show you some Action.

Now, you ask me what do windows 10 had to do with your showing off having a kinect in addition to the previous setup? Well, there you go:

The Xbox application on Windows 10 have many cool features one of which is the ability to sniff around any Xbox connected on your network and give you the ability to connect to it (If it is yours, of course?). Having it connected will give control over the Xbox and you can actually use it as a remote control/Xbox control.  Yeah, certainly you can do that with tons of other ways including the little IR port you have on your mobile or even pressing the red button on the actual remote control, but, in my opinion, nothing beats the feeling of having me doing my stuff on the computer and multitasking everything from the same screen.

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